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Solar Solutions Solar Power Tampa

Solar Solutions is a solar power equipment supplier in Tampa Bay. We install - solar water heater,solar pool heater, and all solar equipment to help you save!

Solar Solutions Solar Water Heaters
Primary Location
Solar Pool Heaters and Pump Systems
14502 North Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL 33618
Fax: 813.264.7796
Today's Hours: 7:00AM - 5:00PM - 2 Locations >
Solar Power Tampa Florida Supplier
Tampa, FL 33605
< 2 Locations
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Solar Pool Heaters

Solar Pool Heaters


  • Sturdy Modular Frame
  • Ability to expand and contract "off roof"
  • Strapless Installation
  • Built-in Polyester Substrate for heat
    retention during cooler months
  • Warranteed (10 years) by SEALED
    AIR (a NYSE listed Company)(SEE)
  • Most eye appealing Installation


  • Select and set the amount of heat desired
  • (OPTIONAL) The automatic control unit senses the
    changes in both sunlight and water temperature and
    diverts water to the collectors when solar energy is
    available and desired to maintain pool temperature.
    The system functions without the use of any additional
    electrical energy.
  • Your existing pool pump now circulates water through
    the solar collectors
  • The solar collectors, heated by the sun, immediately
    warm the flowing water which is then returned to your pool.