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Solar Solutions Solar Power Tampa

Solar Solutions is a solar power equipment supplier in Tampa Bay. We install - solar water heater,solar pool heater, and all solar equipment to help you save!

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Solar Pool Heater Tampa

Solar Pool Heaters in Tampa are very important because living here in the Bay you are able to harness the awesome power of the sun!

Lengthen Your Swim Season!

Many of the advantages with Solar Pool Heating relate to the length of time you can spend in your pool. Solar Pool heating absorbs the energy from the sun to heat your pool in a more economical and efficient way. The cost benefits are astronomical because most people with a solar pool heater save two to three times as much money on their electric bill per year. - especially in Tampa where we have sun all year around and can utilize the SOLAR POWER to its fullest! Gas or propane heaters are much more expensive and more harmful to our environment. Being able to say that you are giving back to the environment by using 100% renewable energy in Tampa allows you to have a piece of mind that you are doing your part for our planet.

Solar Water Pump

Solar Panels have really taken a turn for the better by creating the process of the construction and cost involved more effective. Many different designs have come about through the years but the latest technology has created a better power source for your solar water heater and pool heater. At Solar Solutions in Tampa,Fl , we only use the very best heaters and have the highest trained technicians installing them.  

 The process is very easy to turn on your pool heater: You basically set the temperature on your auto controller and the sun then will do all the work! The sensors in the controller know when its time to allow enough energy to heat the pool. As the water flows through the solar panels in your solar pool heater Tampa, the suns energy heats the water. The heated water then flows back to your pool all year round. These cycles will continue throughout the day until your desired temperature is reached. If you want to learn more about the installation process, please fill out a form for solar pool heating or call us today at 813-248-2915.

Please send us any questions you have regarding the use of Solar Power Tampa and the ways in which you would like to save money, whether it be your electric bill, water bill, or ways to make your life more efficient.




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Solar Solutions Tampa,Fl


Solar Water Heater Tampa

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We are a solar power energy supplier in Tampa Fl that carries the most efficient solar powered water heater, solar pool heater, solar panels, and any solar energy equipment used to either heat your home or you pool. WE CARRY THE LOWEST PRICES ON THE BEST PRODUCTS.

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solar heating pools

The benefits of having a solar water heater in Tampa installed in your home are numerous including: saving money, friendly for the environment, safety, and space saving. Solar Solutions in Tampa, Fl offers many savings and discounts on all our green products using the solar power of Tampa Florida. Did you know that the government is giving back tax incentives in the range of 30% when you install a new solar water heater in your home!


Solar Powered Fan Specials

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If you are looking for a "solar powered water heaters" in Google then you have come to the right place. This can save you hundreds of dollars per year! Our solar pool heaters and water heaters installed in Tampa, FL are an easy install and you will notice that they save a ton of space. We have engineered methods to keep the installation as inconspicuous as possible. 

Our typical solar water heater in Tampa,FL is about 1/3 of the size of your current water heater you have installed in your home. Our trained solar technicians will come out and remove your old water heater and install a new solar heater in the very same day. The process is very easy and painless. Please email us HERE or call us at 813.248.2915 for a free estimate on how you can save money with a new energy efficient solar pool heater or water heater using the beautiful solar power in Tampa,FL.

Solar Pool Heaters Last Longer   solar pool heaters have lower operating costs   solar pool heaters are good for the environment

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