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Natures Fresh Air and Water

Pure Drinking Water, EMERGENCY WATER, No Heavy Bottles to Lift!, No Ugly Bottle Clutter!, save the Environment, save oil and save money!

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Pure Water Mini II

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Water Distiller $599.00

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Natures Fresh Air and Water

Clean Pure Water and Air is Essential

Pure Wate Distiller


The Pure Water Mini II Distiller Cleans and Purifies your drinking and cooking water every day.

For your home, mobile home, camper, travel trailer or your vacation or second home!  And remember your pets need clean pure water also.

No Plumbing or installation required, simply fill with tap water, turn system on and wait for 99.9% clean and pure water.

No Heavy Bottles to Lift!, No Ugly Bottle Clutter!, 99.9% Pure  Drinking Water, save the Environment, save oil and save money!

The Mini II is a remarkable Drinking Water System:  The Mini II distillation systems for the Home, Office, Camper, Vacation Home, Travel Trailer, Mobile Home.  Provides families with the highest quality drinking water available, 99.9% pure water year after year, for  absolute peace of mind!

Excellent investment: The stainless steel construction and 15-year warranty makes the Mini II an excellent investment. Think of the savings by not buying plastic bottles of water.

Saves money: Not only will this save money over bottled water, It will save you a great deal of hassles, no more deliveries, No more lifting heavy bottles or throwing away bottles from the store. You won’t have ugly bottles taking up all of your space and you will never run out of water again! And its good for the environment!

Includes: Mini II Distiller, Stainless Steel Boiling Tank, Glass Jug and Post Filters.

"We are an authorized distributor for Pure Water and Natures Fresh Air" 

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Made in The USA